Month: April 2023

  • Another Houston Weekend Morning

    Another Houston Weekend Morning

    I’ve been wanting to use the tele lens a little more lately. I really like my standard zoom for capturing the whole scene, but I need more practice on picking out the details that catch my eye. It was a cloudy morning, but the ceiling cleared the skyscrapers considerably. The City Hall building was lit…

  • Oak Island Lighthouse Sunrise

    Oak Island Lighthouse Sunrise

    I recently traveled to North Carolina. This was a voluntold type trip in that I was only there because my SO said it was highly encouraged, which is to say more than mandatory. Despite having to be there for another reason, I still searched to see if there were any lighthouses nearby. There was one…

  • Port Tampa Bay at Night

    Port Tampa Bay at Night

    These photos were taken over a decade ago on my old Olympus 4/3rd Digital SLR. This was taken in December of 2009. The wind speed had gone down with the sun, but some fog was appearing over the land where it was cooler than over the water.

  • Another rainy morning

    Another rainy morning

    I was woken on this morning by a thunderstorm, and thought, well I’m not going to get any pictures today. I pulled up the radar, and it was a smaller storm moving through pretty quickly. Then I thought, this might actually work out for me. In typical Houston fashion, I tried running to one of…

  • Rainy Houston Morning

    Rainy Houston Morning

    As a weekend warrior, I typically don’t let the weather dissuade me from going out. This cool January morning had scattered showers rolling through all morning. Fortunately, I was prepared, and had a great time shooting. This was my first time at this particular location, and the blue hour light and clouds with the wet…