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I have been working with technology since before gigabit networks were standard. I remembered transferring files just to see how fast they would go. Today, with Thunderbolt, and 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps USB gigabit ethernet seems so slow. I’ve been holding off on upgrades because the cost versus benefit didn’t seem worth it to me.

Recently, I setup my custom rig, which has built-in 2.5 GE, and connected It to my modem that has a 5 GE port, and there was an improvement to speeds and responsiveness. Regrettably, I didn’t benchmark it, so I don’t have tangible figures to share.

At this point, I already had a Ubiquiti U6 Enterprise AP, and I was dying to see how upgrading that to a 2.5 GE would improve my experience. I upgraded my firewall, my NAS, and added the 8 port enterprise switch.

I am a bit annoyed at the moment. The new switch is no longer providing PoE. My WAP is back on GE PoE. Switching is otherwise functioning as expected. My new NAS is connected via 10GbE, and I have been transferring files to a from and very pleased with the faster speeds.

I have started the RMA process with Ubiquiti, and will make a new post when that process is complete, and will run some benchmarks on speeds when uplink via GE versus 2.5 GE.

Edit: Ubiquiti did respond to my RMA request next day, and approved it. Unfortunately, there isn’t an advanced replacement option that I can see, so I’ll be shipping it off.


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