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  • My Lens Holy Trinity

    My Lens Holy Trinity




    I just completed my holy trinity today. I purchased the new Sony 16-35 G Master mark 2. This makes my holy trinity a 16-35, 24-70, and a 100-400. I had originally purchased a 70-200 (the G F4 model), but I constantly found myself wanting more reach, so I sold that and went with the 100-400.…

  • Tripods


    I just received my fourth tripod and third ball head. It’s my second tripod in as many months. Finding the right setup for my use has been an adventure. Like so many before me, my tripod journey started with a cheap tripod, then lead to an upgrade, then a serious upgrade, then the best fit,…

  • My Cameras

    My Cameras

    I’m now on my fifth body. I started with the modest Olympus E-510. A 10 MP, 4/3rd system (Sensor & Mount). After a few years, I upgraded to the E-620, same 4/3rd system but with a 12 MP sensor and an upgraded AF system. I should have done some more research before that purchase though.…